Akothee begs women to stop entertaining their exes in bed and Zari totally agrees 

We all know singer Akothee has advice for days ranging from all kind of topics.

On social media, the mother of five, who just shared her ex-lover recently on the platform praising him, warned fellow women to not give their former lovers the cookie once they part ways.


She poured her thoughts in a very long posts warning women to avoid being caught in this cycle and guess who else agreed? Diamond Platnumz’ ex-wife Zari Hassan.

“I know it hurts, give it time. Women take their children with them after a break up because of the pain they incubated for years.

“Once they get courage and stand on their feet without you in their lives they become wild and venomous, bitter and cautious.

“They don’t trust what you can do next! You already betrayed your commitment, nothing can make it better at this point! She is still collecting herself and needs no distraction, leave her alone.

“When you break up with your woman, follow up with your children the moment it happens send gifts food, pay school fees.

“It’s not time for freedom for you, to post on social media how good you are doing after she left! How you can pick the next chick because you are hot!

“Definitely, you are hot because you don’t carry pregnancy and has no idea of how labour pain feels children did not break up with you, you broke up with their mother, your sexual urge got finished but love never dies you can’t love your children and hate their mother  its your sex life moment that got boring.
“Men break down in clubs and cry after drinking alcohol, that’s when they will open up and tell you “my wife left me😭 and she left with my children 😭😭😭😭, this kind of men hurt deep inside, and will make so many mistakes trying to fill in the gap, be a man, walk up to the mother of your children, ask for forgiveness.

“Accept that its all water under the bridge and concentrate on the children, live her new life alone, you can’t take her back.”

Akothee went on:

“She grew wings under your frustrations, when you thought she is a nobody, when you thought she is outdated, ugly and old, she is low class with no fashion, wait until someone picks up the container you threw away and make a lamp out of it, then you will come up with all kinds of stories and title, and number 1 title is prostitute you will be the first man to spread the name of your children’s mother in all sorts of bad image. Men take care. I have only seen men regret after an ugly break up, some even beat up their children in the mix. You will outdo your actions ones it’s done. And women once it’s over its over, don’t allow him to come for sex, noo.”

Zari, who can totally relate to the post from the drama Diamond has shown her, commented on the post agreeing.

“Couldn’t have said it any better 👏,’ she said. 

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