A Great Bar For Business Pow-wow


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A Great Bar For Business Pow-wow


Just when you think Nairobi can’t possibly have another hotel, you run into one. There is a new one at Village Market called Trademark Hotel. I think it’s a part of Village Market, the same chaps of Tribe Hotel, which means it’s designed to wow and suck you in with its beauty. But forget the hotel for a second, what’s wowing is their restaurant and bar called Harvest.

If you go at night, it is a large room of pomp and an open kitchen and top-notch service. Someone will bring you a menu board featuring T-Bone Steak, New York steak, Surf and Turf, Pork and Seafood.

The food is excellent, just so we are sure, but the uniqueness of the place is the ambience, the intimacy of it all while being very wide and open. There was a birthday going on and they kitchen crew was doing that embarrassing thing all restaurant kitchens do where they come singing. Well embarrassing to me, because normally I want to crawl under the table and not leave until the last staff has left and lights off. The birthday lady seemed chuffed, though.

It’s a great place for dinners and drinks later. Very warm in character. But another amazing thing happening is that they are putting together a different bar at the rooftop of the hotel. They being the hotel. It’s by the pool and will feature chalets that overlook the cityscape. The view is outstanding.

The Harvest is a great place to entertain business clients for dinner and drinks. It seems serious enough to make an impression but also welcoming enough for one of the clients to want to remove their shoes under the table. Which is always a great thing when you are wooing. Also, check out their wine list. I know little about wine, but I know a solid wine list when I see one. And that was a solid wine list.


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