Xtian Dela fires back at Ringtone over claims that he lives in a one-bedroom house 

 Xtian Dela fires back at Ringtone over claims that he lives in a one-bedroom house 


A teacher in France lost his life on Friday, October 16 after an attacker beheaded him for showing cartoons of Prophet Mohammed during a class.

The attacker shouted, “Allahu Akbar” which translates to “God is greatest” before beheading the teacher using a kitchen knife.

The police shot him as they tried to arrest him during the incident.

However, the attacker succumbed to his injuries.

Despite finding an identity card showing he was born in Moscow in 2002, the authorities are still investigating to find the attacker’s true identity.

The attack happened at around 5 pm near the middle school where the history teacher worked.

The teacher had politely requested his Muslim students to leave class before he could show caricatures of Prophet Muhammad from a satirical magazine, Charlie Hebdao.

“The teacher simply said to the muslim children: ‘Leave. I don’t want it to hurt your feelings.’ That’s what my son told me,” one parent said.

According to his students, the teacher was nice and friendly throughout their learning.

The police had rushed to the school after they received alerts on a suspicious individual roaming around the school.

French President Emmanuel Macron termed the incident as ‘Islamic terrorist attack’ and further pledged firm action.

Macron also promised to deal with extremism.

“One of our fellow citizens was murdered today because he was teaching students freedom of expression,” Macron said

“It is a teacher that this terrorist killed because he wanted to destroy the republic… Destroy the possibility of making our children free citizens,” he added.

French Education Minister Jean-Michel Blanquer also condemned the attack that has shocked many.

“Tonight, it is the republic that is under attack with the despicable assassination of one of its servants, a teacher,” Jean-Michel tweeted

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