Panic as EACC officers raid Vihiga county offices – Weekly Citizen

Vihiga governor Wilber Ottichilo is no longer at ease after Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission officers raided his offices and left with files of senior county staff. It is said the sleuths from Western regional offices visited the offices and combed through various documents at Governor Ottichilo’s office up to Tuesday night before leaving with files. The detectives were looking for supportive documents where some of the county staff are said to be doing businesses with the county government. Other staff are said to be receiving huge amounts of money in their accounts without disclosing their source. It is also revealed that in Vihiga county, the senior county staff are key suppliers where they award themselves tenders worth millions of shillings through proxy companies. Vihiga county has a kangaroo procurement department where tendering, procurement and tender evaluations and wards are done on whom do you know and how much will you give as a kickback basis. Vihiga county is in the record where public funds running into millions of shillings are being stolen through the county payroll. It is said Vihiga county is losing millions of shillings through payroll something that Ottichilo is accused of not fighting the mess. Ottichilo is a worried man after the EACC demanded to have the payroll being used by the county executive to request money from the controller of the budget. It is said cartels at Vihiga county have two payrolls, the one that is used to request money and the one that is used to pay staff. It is said the payroll being used to request money is exaggerated. Ottichilo’s government is facing several graft cases that are likely to land him in trouble. EACC is also investigating the theft of Sh40 million Covid-19 funds.