Kenya’s year on year inflation drops to 4.59pc in June

 Kenya’s year on year inflation drops to 4.59pc in June

NAIROBI, Kenya, Jun 30 – Kenya’s year-on-year inflation in June dropped to 4.59 percent compared to 5.33 percent registered last month, driven by a decrease in the prices of several food items.

According to the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics, month on month inflation decreased by 0.31 percent from 108.60 in May 2020 to 108.27 in June 2020.

During the period under review, the food and non-alcoholic beverages index decreased by 1.27 percent, compared to a decrease of 0.24 percent in May 2020.

Prices of tomatoes, Irish potatoes, cabbages, oranges and wheat flour decreased by 12,16, 5.o5, 4.84, and 1 percent respectively.

However, an increase was noted on the prices of foodstuffs such as onions, kale and spinach, which increased by 3.51, 4.67 and 2.61 percent respectively.

During the same period, the housing, water, electricity, gas and other fuels’ index decreased by 0.81 percent, with KNBS attributing the rise to a 21.33 percent decrease in the cost of kerosene.

The transport index increased by 2.08 percent on account of 6.81 percent increase in prices of petrol, which outweighed the 4.76 percent decrease in the cost of diesel, recorded over the same period.

“These numbers were generated from a survey of retail prices that targeted a basket of household consumption goods and services,” KNBS said in a statement.