Healthy ways to manage endometriosis

 Healthy ways to manage endometriosis

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Rachel Murugi

Endometriosis can lead to inability to conceive (Shutterstock)

Endometriosis causes a woman severe abdominal pains especially during their period. It not only is an uncomfortable thing to deal with but may lead to infertility and inability to conceive. The pain especially is manageable through a variety of means, here are some ways:


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Dietary changes

Be sure to cut off any foods that can cause inflammation. Try as much as possible to avoid red meat as it’s among the top culprits of boosting inflammation.

Be quite keen to include legumes, vegetables and fruits in your diet.  Be sure to avoid processed foods, sugars, dairy products and gluten.

Eat more omega3 foods like salmon too as they reduce inflammation.

Over-the-counter pain relievers

Over-the-counter (OTC) pain medications, such ibuprofen are made to fight inflammation which in turn relieves pain and cramps.



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When you use a hot water bottle or heating pads, placing them on the lower abdomen, it helps to relieve the pain. A warm bath also relaxed the pelvic muscles that cramp, hence reducing the pain.


Through researchers, turmeric showed that it might inhibit estradiol, a form of estrogen. This may help to prevent growths. It is also a great plant that has anti-inflammatory powers. Add it in your stews or buy supplements and take.

Light exercise

Regular exercise helps to release endorphins which will reduce your pain level. Make it routine to find a workout that works.

Pelvic massage

Use some massage oil to help massage through the pelvis, the abdomen and your back. It’s a good idea to do this shortly before the menstrual period begins as it may be more comfortable then.


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Due to the extreme pain you get exposed to, make it habit to rest more during your period. Ensure your legs are raised and sleep more.