‘I learnt my ‘mistake’ late’ Betty Kyallo reveals why is letting Ivanna and her dad Okari bond

 ‘I learnt my ‘mistake’ late’ Betty Kyallo reveals why is letting Ivanna and her dad Okari bond

It’s said you should never make the same mistake twice and Betty Kyallo is undoing that by letting her daughter Ivanna and her dad develop a relationship.

Dennis Okari and Betty Kyallo parted after their divorce and Ivanna was left with the mum.

Many have always wondered if the two co-parent and it’s now obvious they are.

Speaking during a candid interview with Jalango, Kyallo said she and her ex husband communicate.

“Do you and Dennis still talk?” Jalango asked

To which she answered saying,

Yeah let me tell you by the way, I think right now I have grown so much.

The Betty I used to be two or three years ago is not the person I am today.


‘There are things I have come to realize are very important in our lives that it is not just always about us as adults.

So we are in very good terms with him, his family and his wife but right now we are making sure that Ivanna is getting the love she deserves, daddy and mummy’s love.

You know girls and their fathers is so important to nurture that relationship.’

Betty went on to add that okari has been doing a good job helping raise their daughter.

I would like to challenge the mums who are not letting the dads see and build a relationship with their dad it is wrong.

I have come to learn late but I am happy I did.

Right now they are besties I call her and she doesn’t answer she is with daddy. And I feel good because that is how it is supposed to be.

Adding that,

The relationship between a parent and a child is a relationship that should not be stolen from anybody.

We are co-parenting very well and he is doing a good job, I thank God because sometimes it not by our will.


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