Chantelle Petit opens up on the day Ephy Saint impregnated her

 Chantelle Petit opens up on the day Ephy Saint impregnated her

Chantelle Petit has gone through so much when it comes to her pregnancy, but she is happy regardless of all the pain and tears. She’s got her baby, the best thing a mother can ask for.

In a letter to her all grown daughter, Summer aka Boo Boo, she talked about the day she got pregnant.

She posted a picture of her daughter who wore a big smile and we can see her little front teeth and her gum with potential teeth.

“Love letters to Boo boo.

Dear Summer,

This picture for me showcases your name in so many ways. It’s as bright as a Summer day. That’s exactly what my life has been like ever since you came along. From the day I found out you lived within me up until now. Knowing that there’s a little me that lived within me for some time & now lives with me & within my heart & I hers brings as much joy to my life like you in this picture.

This picture was taken today very early in the morning. You had just finished your meal, full of energy & playing with everything. Mommy was working doing some photography when she got the idea to put you inside her studio (which btw you could sit inside & fit comfortably a few months ago but now you’re too tall to sit in it 😂) & shoot some fun images to capture the happiness & energy that lived within you in that moment. It shows. You’re beautiful both inside & out. My little comedian, my best friend, photoshoot buddy & my warrior.

I love you,

Momma.” Read the letter

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Soon Summer will be uttering a few words. Despite all the medical issues she went through, she has grown up to be strong and healthy.

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