OjaExpress selected into the Techstars Kansas City Accelerator for 2020

 OjaExpress selected into the Techstars Kansas City Accelerator for 2020

OjaExpress, a digital marketplace founded by Nigerian immigrants in Chicago has been accepted into Techstars Kansas City 2020 accelerator class.

OjaExpress enables access to cultural groceries for immigrants and foodies, while supporting the growth of local ethnic grocery stores. By joining Techstars Kansas City 2020 class, OjaExpress will join other companies in healthcare, food supply, and justice for all.

Founded in Chicago in 2016 by Boyede Sobitan and Fola Dada, the on-demand ethnic grocery delivery platform aims to address the issue of food access and convenience for immigrant communities and foodies in Chicago and beyond.

The immigrants from Nigeria, were inspired by the craving for Nigerian food and the need to be connected to their culture even more as the popular online grocery delivery platforms don’t work with the mom and pop shops that serve ethnic foods.

“We couldn’t believe that we have to go through hoops just to cook our cultural foods. So, we did our research, talked to friends in the same situation, and realized no service delivered global ingredients the same day,” the founders said. “We started OjaExpress to change the narrative.
We want to give people easier access to the foods that bring a delicious piece of their culture to their home – and support the overlooked grocers that are indispensable resources for many ethnic communities.”

OjaExpress grocery delivery service lets users order ethnic groceries from local stores online and get them delivered to them the same day. The startup aims to make an everyday ordering of ethnic/international groceries simple so users can share their culture with the people that matter. GrubHub and PeaPod are Chicago-born food delivery ventures.