KORIR: Let’s resume play, cautiously get our lives back!

 KORIR: Let’s resume play, cautiously get our lives back!


As we wait to hear from President Uhuru Kenyatta on whether or not the current curfew and travel restrictions enforced by Covid-19 will be lifted, we can only hope sports can get back to normal as soon as possible.

We have to start from somewhere, hence the reason why sport is key in the first step of normalising the country. 

Yes, there are those who would say that it is too dangerous and others who will be skeptical about the whole move. 

But something needs to give unless we want to stall. 

However, we feel we have done what we are supposed to do in as far as restrictions are concerned, and, despite the situation not getting better, we can’t continue sitting on our laurels.

We know of countries like Germany, England and Spain that were hit more than us than us by the coronavirus pandemic are back to action. 

The Bundesliga in Germany is already ongoing while England and Spain, teams are already in training hoping to resume their leagues in the next two weeks. 

Not that things have improved in these countries, but they are just keen on making the first steps in having their lives back. 

The truth is we have to do something, and the best way to start normal life is by fronting resumption in play.

We all know how sportsmen and women have suffered and I feel continuing like this is tantamount to committing suicide.

Track and field, especially, needs to swing back to action like yesterday, lest we subject athletes to further mental stress. 

Already, we have athletes who are confused and do not know where to start or end.

Remember, Covid-19 didn’t prepare us or warn us and yet it scuttled all our plans for this season. We all know that the best way to defend is to attack, and we can’t achieve that by sitting in the house.

I appreciate what the government has done to cushion a number of sportsmen and women but truth be said, this is not sufficient enough. As they say, you would rather teach a man how to fish than give him fish.

My point is that athletes are better off fishing on their own than giving them fish because this way, they are able to plan.

We know this will be hard but, hey, life is about risks and we have to give it a shot. 

We should actually try and fail than fail to try. As you all know, the last three months have been very difficult for athletes and I think it’s high time we bit the bullet but, of course, with some restrictions in place.

I guess if the rest of the world is realising the need to get their lives back, we can’t merely sit back.

If, I feel like a log doing nothing, how about an athlete who was used to training and competing?

Korir is the chairman of Athletics Kenya’s Nairobi branch. [email protected]