Rituals and brothels? Diana Marua bursts after being accused of theft (messages)

 Rituals and brothels? Diana Marua bursts after being accused of theft (messages)

A netizen made Diana Marua the talk of the internet after she accused her of stealing two of her hand bags that were meant for business.

These bags had been left at Marua’s house.

Basically, the lady was asking Diana give back her property.

But Diana has come out to deny the claims saying that she was infact the one who helped this lady who was residing in Nigeria. She paid for her flight back home and her uber.

Marua says the only thing that made her help her is the fact that they went to the same school

Part of her statement read;

My interest to help her began when she tried to remind me that we went to the same School. As a Christian I knew prayers alone were not enough and I promised her I would do anything to make sure I pay her flight back home. I knew my husband amechoka kusaidia hawa watu but I was still pushing him to pay for a Stranger a flight from Nigeria to Nairobi as I tried to see how I can rent for her a servants quarter to start her life. My husband was hesitant and kept telling me to pray before anything lakini Diana ni Nani na Karoho kake ku’try kusaidia mtu


She started telling me of how she has been living in a brothel and alot on how she’s been in contact with ritualistic stuff.

Haiya! and instead of going with her Suitcase she leaves it; ati Kesho nataka Kukuonyesha Biashara yangu .

So after 2 weeks is when she calls my Nanny coz she was at the gate and was denied entry.

When the Security sent the bag to her she Opens and says Two Bags are missing; Excuse Me, My Compound is full of CCTV surveillance and no one Cared to know whether you had left Bags or Bombs!! And for Security reasons thats why the suitcase has been taken to Banana Police station. Surely; With all tHese stories you’re creating, innocent me, I didnt know you had a motive behind all this while you insisted to leave your bag at my compound without wanting us to confirm what it was carrying.. in your ‘last minute’ rush. But for God’s sake you mean I can stoop that low and steal 2 bags worth 1k each, while pesa tuu nilikulipia Drinks na your Ubers was worth a house rent Somewhere??  Don’t be a Comedian you can’t be bitter with an innocent person and desperate for help at the same time. 

When the story came out Kiss website tried reaching out to Diana Marua but our texts and calls went unaswered.

Below are messages between Diana Marua and the lady in question.