‘I choose to be unafraid’ Kambua steps out without makeup

 ‘I choose to be unafraid’ Kambua steps out without makeup

Singer Kambua has been seen in a rare ‘no makeup’ face.

The singer did things saying that she is no longer afraid of going bare and we are loving it.

It was just me feeling 💯 comfortable in my skin. I am choosing to be unafraid to lay myself bare.

As Karen Owusu says, “there’s too much magic brewing in this skin for me to keep to myself”.

She went on to advice young girls to feel ‘enough’.

I’m going to walk in my truth, hoping that a young girl will come across this and realise she is enough. She is enough with makeup, and she is enough without it.

She is enough with her kinks and coils, as she is with her hair straight. She is enough in pants as she is in a skirt. She is enough, because God says she is💛

Kambua, like many celebrities has asked fans to be vigilant during this coronavirus pandemic.

As you isolate I hope you are doing the things that make your soul happy. But I also hope you’re being kind. We have so much time on our hands-

let’s consider the effect of our words to one another. Remember, we will one day give an account for EVERY idle word that we speak.

So today I asked myself, are my words edifying… lifting… encouraging… healing?

This comes days after she revealed that she microbladed her eyebrows and put temporary locs on her hair to ease with doing her makeup.