Zimeshika! A drunk Betty Kyallo goes Live on Instagram, rants about her ‘cagey’ career and trolls [Video]

Oops! Those who said ‘don’t drink and drive’ forgot to add ‘..or go Live’. TV girl, Betty Kyallo might have landed herself in trouble after ranting online while high.

The Kenyan sweetheart was home, downing some drinks before she decided to go Live on Instagram ‘knowingly or unknowingly’.

The TV siren went on a public rant about her career that sets so many standards and rules in her life, such that she can hardly be herself and lead a normal life.

Celebrated journalist, Betty Kyallo

Betty has severally been bashed by critics for going out to clubs and partying which does not display a good role model of a mother to her young daughter, Ivanna.

According to trolls, the news anchor needed to tame down her bubbly life and instead lead an honorable life that her daughter could emulate.

Betty Kyallo with daughter, Ivanna

However, the K24 journalist was not partisan to the views, admitting she needed a life of her own as well, without restrictions.

Living life by her rules – as many would call it.

Kenyan mompreneur, Betty Kyallo


Going Live on Instagram, the celebrated media personality – who was pretty high at the time – was disappointed by her family who keep asking her to stay off trouble when she can.

She just doesn’t like that.

One of her close family tried to stop her from proceeding with the recording, only to be turned down.

In her Live chat with her producer, Sarah Mwangi, Betty categorically said she was going to go to the Club and have a good time.

Sassy TV girl, Betty Kyallo

She went ahead to bash the pressure in her career that has seemingly caged her into some ‘ground rules’.

Betty was asked to end the video by someone in the background but she said she was not going to do so because she is saying nothing but the truth.

She cared less what the blogs were going to say about her and the recording because she is just tired of living life by some ‘rules’.

Betty Kyallo

Comment section

Unbelieving fans called out the K24 producer, Sarah Mwangi for exposing Betty Kyallo when most vulnerable, admitting that was ‘mean’ of her to do.

huyu Sarah apana, Niaje you video call your friend whose drunk and she’s on the limelight na unajua akisema tu kitu kidogo hivi kesho ako mpasho and pombe hufanya mtu aongee, Sarah you not a good


Sarah toa Betty hapa can’t you see she drunk

Others asked the journalist to tame down because she was not quite in her normal state.

Betty zimekushika🤣


You still on air Betty.


cheza chini


End this video

A different section cheered her on, admitting it was time she loosened up and spoke her mind.



fungua roho betty


Si unakaa poa ukilewa🤣🤣


Leo ni leo Betty 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😍😍❤


Life is too short to stay serious always 😂😂❤


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