Kenya: Self-Quarantine Only Based on One’s Honesty – MoH

 Kenya: Self-Quarantine Only Based on One’s Honesty – MoH

Nairobi — The Government has allayed fears that Kenyans might be exposed to the deadly coronavirus for adopting a self-quarantine measure on Chinese nationals arriving in the country.

Though it is entirely anchored on an individual’s honesty, authorities say there are strict measures to ensure the World Health Organisation (WHO) regulation is followed.

“We are very strict on this, but it’s all about one’s honesty,” said Dr Rashid Aman, a Chief Administrative Secretary at the Ministry of Health that has come under sharp criticism from Kenyans on coronavirus preparedness.

He defended the Ministry’s decision to have more than 200 passengers who arrived in the country on Wednesday from China, to self-quarantine.

“Most of them are doing this with fidelity. We know this because we work closely with the Chinese embassy,” the CAS told a news conference, as Kenyans also blamed the Foreign Affairs Ministry for not banning flights from China like most developed nations, including the USA and UK which suspended flights several weeks ago, following the epidemic that claimed more than 2000 lives and infected over 80,000, mainly in China .

Iran recorded 26 deaths Thursday, in what has also affected top government officials.

Raychelle Omamo, who took over recently as Cabinet Secretary for Foreign Affairs, told a parliamentary group that there were no plans, in the near future, to ban flights from China over the delay virus, after a China Southern airlines flight landed in Nairobi with more than 200 on board Wednesday.