Your Ultimate Guide to Creating an Online Form: Benefits

 Your Ultimate Guide to Creating an Online Form: Benefits

No matter if you like to make an online form to gather your customer’s feedback, perform a survey, produce sales lead, or motivate people to sign up for your newsletter, this task is simple. You do not need any of your programming abilities, as many companies are allowing you to create online forms with a few clicks of your mouse and all within an instant. If you are looking for answers, this post got you covered. 

Why Do You Need Online Form? 

Each organization utilizes systems to deal with compliance information, which is essential to the success and operating efficiency of their business. Conventional spreadsheet and document systems have served you well for many years. However, they have a plethora of cons when compared to an online management system. 

One of the reasons why you need to opt for an online form is that it’s relatively cheap! You don’t need to print paper forms and waste your precious money on postage stamps if you can simply utilize online survey templates. 

Free forms are available online, and they can help you lower your expenses more. That means you don’t need to allot resources and time to enter the outcomes into a database. What’s more, responses can be downloaded systematically, and the results are available whenever you mind for evaluation. 

With an online form, participants can choose a moment that fits best for them to fill it out. The users could also take their time to present more detailed and long answers to your questions. 

Online forms mean you don’t need to waste your time waiting for the paper surveys to be sent to you. The data is already collected systematically. You could easily make an online form by utilizing a modified survey template and get feedback about it immediately. 

Common Mistakes When Creating a Form 

Completion rates are often your first goal when sending online forms to a series of customers. However, you will find several mistakes you do when making online forms. 

Bad things start to happen as the form gets longer. Mostly, respondents get exasperated, and they either leave without finishing your survey. Sometimes, they begin filling out your form sloppily once their attention span has declined. 

Your response rate not simply suffers. The superiority of the data can also deteriorate as well. Both are bad, but the latter is more complex to identify. 

Using the wrong type of questions to your online form could cause a massive confusion for your respondents. Take note that when they are frustrated, the chance of them finishing your form becomes less. 

  • Boring Online Form Design 

One of the major mistakes people commit when making their own online form is not taking their time to make their form appealing. Online takers need to look at your form for a few seconds to a couple of minutes. Make sure you use pre-designed themes or apply one to your survey that is appealing to the eye and mobile friendly at the same time. 

Did you know that giving survey participants a reward for finishing your survey is an excellent way to increase response rates? If you offer incentives, you will notice enhanced response rates. 

  • Asking for irrelevant information 

Do you wish to keep your online form short and increase its response rate? If yes, make sure you avoid them from answering irrelevant questions. That’s true, particularly when questions pertain to the ones you have already, such as company, email, name, and more. 

Which Tools to Use? 

Are you looking for online form builders you can use today? Fret not because, in this section, we will present you our top picks:

  1. Google Forms

This is a powerful form builder app for a plethora of reasons. Apart from its free, you simply need a Google account to start creating your own online form. This platform saves your online form immediately to a Google spreadsheet for further analysis. 

  1. Microsoft Forms

Adding questions to your online form with Microsoft Forms is quick and easy. Add one, pick the answer format, and type in your response and question options. Bear in mind that its online forms do not deliver some of the response types you will see in Google Forms. Nonetheless, it presents response types you won’t see in Google Forms such as the Net Promoter Score

  1. Formstack 

Do you need online form responses that will go through approval workflows? Is your company belong to a highly regulated sector? If your answer to these questions is yes, Formstack is the perfect option for you. 

The platform allows you to create approval workflows to provide form data to the specific individuals at your company. They can review it online or through email before delivering it to another person on your team. 

  1. AidaForm 

This is an excellent Google Forms alternative. With AidaForm, you can easily create engaging online forms. It is a complete service allowing you to make forms, share them, collect responses, and asses them within the area of your members. 

The best thing about this online builder is that it produces the form code, gathers form submissions, and stores all data safe in your own account, letting you check it any time you prefer. What’s more, you can include the online form to your site and begin understanding more about your site visitors, helping you reach your business goals quicker. 

Where Else To Learn About Creating Online Forms? 

If you want to know more about creating an online form, below are some resources we gather you will find very helpful.