Power, love triangle wars in Kisumu county assembly feuds – Weekly Citizen

 Power, love triangle wars in Kisumu county assembly feuds – Weekly Citizen

A secret hand of a mafia-like ring of politicians has allegedly been fueling the bad blood that has persistently existed between the county MCAs and the county executives. The way events have been unfolding of late now brings the clear picture of what has been taking place behind the scenes between the executives and the county assembly leaders.

Senator Fred Outa

Top ranking mafia on the list expected to stir uproar is the Kisumu county senator Fred Outa who is not new to troubles as he smarts from a shocking incident in which his close political aide shot dead a watchman at a bar in Ahero town using a gun believed to be registered under the name of the senator.

The senator whose supposed theology degree is suspect was allegedly deported from overseas.

Back in Kenya Outa caused drama after he stormed Ahero Girls’ demanding for the sacking of the principal a move that prompted his political enemies to believe that his intention was inspired by ill operations.


Further reports indicate he is boasting of unseating Nyong’o through any possible means, given his financial prowess and well-oiled connection with political goons.

It became worse when the former clerk who has trained his eyes on the position of the clerk of the county assembly started using unholy alliance with renegade EACC officers to supply out the institution’s sensitive documents to implicate the current clerk and hound him out of office.

At one point, there was a tug-of-war between the county finance minister Nerry Achar and Onyango Oloo over what was termed as the battle of supremacy in a love triangle.

Further reports indicate that he was boasting of retaining his seat through any possible means given his financial capability. Outa has succeeded largely by planting one lady Achi as radar woman on Achar as streams from which information flows to facilitate the witchhunt,

According to well placed sources Outa is currently walking head down and whispering talking to himself after he realised that he will soon be removed from higher assembly security committee after reports revealed that he is working contrary to the security norms