Ida Odinga disowns city woman posing as her aide – Weekly Citizen

Opposition chief Raila Odinga’s wife Ida Odinga has denounced reports that city politician who allegedly urinated in her mother-in-law’s house during a cultural wedding in Migori county is her personal assistant.
An irate Mrs Odinga distanced herself from Risper Adinda, the owner of the popular Ruby Cut Gardens Restaurant in the upmarket in Kilimani area who has been the talk-of-the-town following media reports of the shocking incident that happened in Awendo.
The social media platform was set on fire after Weekly Citizen leaked out a report that the woman who appears to be in her mid-sixties intentionally urinated in the mother-in-law’s house when she accompanied a man she claimed to be her boyfriend to pay the dowry for his new wife only identified as Sweet Felicity.
The Nairobi based businessman-cum-political wheeler-dealer Bonke Komwayi had invited selected 50 friends to accompany him to Awendo village where he took more than 15 heads of cattle, 12 goats as well as hundreds of thousands shillings to take over the woman he loves.
Most intriguing is how the prominent hotelier with a strong political background found herself among those who attended the event despite the fact that it was her rival who was being wedded by her lover.
But sources privy to the drama said Mrs Adinda perfectly did not show any ill intention when she persuaded the organisers to include her name as part of the delegation only to unleash the shocking action at the climax of the ceremony.
According to those in the know, the woman had earlier attempted to grab Bonke’s full attention during the entire period before she finally urinated in mother-in-laws main house in a determined bid to scuttle the new marriage.
Ida has sharply disowned the woman saying she has never been her aide or personal friend for that matter and only came close to her once at the height of the campaigns in the last general elections.
It’s a common nature with most Nyanza politicians to scramble for a moment with the family of regional kingpin Raila Odinga and it would be of great political bonus if such rare moments were captured in camera.
There are reports that Ms Adinda who displayed her interest in Migori women seat fashioned herself as a close Ida friend ostensibly to win the heart of voters.
In the meantime pundits have it that it would only take extra ordinary cleansing to save the ill-fated marriage between Bonke and Felicity which the woman completely ruined with her weird action and the matter is before the elders.