Shock as two Busia men officially exchange wives in ‘barter trade’

 Shock as two Busia men officially exchange wives in ‘barter trade’

Two middle-aged Busia couples have left Kenyans in shock after exchanging spouses over allegations of infidelity between one couple.

Before the exchange, Lilian Weta 28 was married to Kelvin Barasa before he brought a new woman to the house as his new wife.

The new woman was Millicent Auma who was married to Christopher Abwire, 34.

Speaking during an interview with a local TV station, Lilian said

He came back home and told me he had brought a cousin from Mombasa, when I questioned him when the cousin came back he got upset.

Immediately I saw a woman wearing my husband’s jacket.

he then told me that moving forward she was the new wife adding that I should leave or else he would stab me.


Kelvin Barasa said he met Millicent talked and lured her adding that he was happy with her.

‘We met on the road and seduced her and she accepted.’

I do not miss my wife and I do not care what she does.

It was an exchange.

Kelvin told Lilian that she was free to date Millicent’s husband. On hearing what her husband was suggesting, Lilian called her brother for advice.

‘I told my brother what my husband Kelvin had told me to do and my brother encouraged me to go ahead and marry Millicent’s husband.

I called my sister and she also advised me to go get married to Christopher.

Speaking about the bizarre incident Christopher said that he was ready and willing to marry Lilian

‘She told me she had been chased away and my wife had left me so we decided let the cheaters end together and Lilian and I together.

Since Lilian came into my life, My thoughts are settled, I eat in good time, sleep in good time and I get everything I want.’

Lilian has four kids while Millicent has two kids

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