15 Reasons Why Comedienne Mammito Is Super Popular

Female comedians are few, and of the few the public knows, they are treasured for their talent.

One of them is Mammito. She has managed to make Kenyans laugh. All the die-hard viewers of Churchill Live always hope She will be on the line up for the show, every Sunday when it is aired.

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Mammito is known for her Instagram sketches. They are real, raw and uncensored. The audience loved it.

Check out one of her past performance on the Churchill Live TV show.

Her biggest fansalways posted their praises for this beautiful comic. Here is what they wrote.

  1. Mamito keep going…….go go go. We love you!

2. Yesterday, I really laughed…story about her drunk sister wahhh.

3. I loooooove her…Shes sooo good at what she loves: Comedy!

4. I met her in town and I just wanted to jump up and down…she is amazing

5. Team long necks like mine, Lol!

6. This girl makes me laugh…She’s one talented woman. I love her confidence.

7. Sunday, niliumwa na mbavu ni kucheka, she is gud in wat she is doing. Thumbs up gal!

8. You know I have such a neck? So, can you send me Churchill’s phone number pliiiiz? I gonna crack your ribs right away…

9. Mammito you nailed it….Go gal!

10. She is the only reason I watch Churchill show…

11. Our sisters got talent. The only problem with them is that ones they are hooked up/married the forget about it?what happens?

12. Her dress code is on point and Sunday she cracked me up.

13. I loved the shoes she wore at the show aired yesterday.

14. She is good but I think it’s about time Kenyan comedians came up with material that has international appeal lest it ends up like the Kenyan music industry.

15. A strong lady, she is!

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