10 essential items for a stylish home

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Different homes and homeowners have different needs. However, every home has a space for items essential for smooth day-to-day living. It does not matter how big or small your space is, these items will make your lifestyle much better.

The right glass sets

Are your glasses broken and mismatched? Purpose to restock on matching glasses and we mean six or eight of the same type. There is joy in serving your beverage in similar glasses as opposed to a mix of water, wine, whiskey and tea mugs in one sitting.

Ambience lighting

Overhead light alone is very cliché. The perfect room has different sources of light for different activities; for instance a table lamp, a floor lamp, wall scones and ceiling light fixtures. Vary your light sources to create different moods in your home.

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Console table

A console table strategically placed on the entry way is a staple for every living space. Console tables act as a piece of visual interest as well as a practical spot to place keys, bags and decorative items. Pick a table style and size that will work for your space.


Houseplants are an essential especially with the pollution going on. Plants will add natural glam and texture to your space while at the same time purifying the air you breathe. You can pick a variety of indoor plants from ornamental to shrubs and herbs.

Guest starter pack

Always have your guest essentials ready and stored separately. Towels, bedding, pillows and house slippers are easy to store away in a drawer and will save you the cricket noise face when a guest springs out of nowhere. What other items do you feel that you cannot live without?

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