Online Gambling on PC and Phone

 Online Gambling on PC and Phone

For those of us who can’t call themselves ‘essential personnel’ the last few months have been marked with balancing between the work we do online and the games we play. Anyone paying attention noticed that there are new online gambling games popping up all the time, and they are much more fun than most of us remember.

Before, we were bound to go to the biggest operator we know if we wanted to play. Now, there are independent reviewers not only telling you which are the good places to play, but also what the benefits are. There are multiple places offering cash bonuses if you sign up.

Finally, the question persists, if it is better to lay down into our couch and play these games on our phone, or should we sit in our desk chair and play on the PC. Yes, these are the sort of decisions we need to make in the 21st century.

This is simultaneously the best and the worst timeline.

Gambling Games Work on Both

Operators won’t let the opportunity pass to lose customers because of the platform. Gambling games, most of the time, are browser-based and work on Safari, Chrome, Brave, or Firefox equally. They probably work on Microsoft Edge as well, but no one checked.

Regardless of which games you play, be that spinners and other block games, or popular live dealer casino games like roulette or blackjack, the game will function the same.

But, your experience might not be the same depending on what you like and how immersed you want to be. Phones are easier to use, and they can be with you all the time. And, you don’t need to fight with your quarantine buddies about screen time.

On the PC the overview is considerably better and you might be able to see everything much clearer. For this advantage, you will need to sacrifice your place on the couch and you can’t really pull out your laptop anywhere and play. This goes double for the desktop.

Phone Sizes are Getting Bigger

While there still isn’t such a thing as a 15-inch phone, the screen size of our smartphones is getting bigger. With the bezel-less design, you can get almost 7 inches of the screen very close to your face.

Generally, while you can play any type of live casino game on your phone without problem, it is much better suited for spinners and quick games. As you only need your thumb to play these, you can do it with one hand and easily see what is going on.

Laptops and Desktops

Laptops and desktops give you a much larger screen and even an opportunity to play with multiple screens. With that, you can keep your strategy draft or manual on one side and game on the other.

Also, there is something reminding you of the brick and mortar casino when you are sitting at the table and playing cards or spinning the wheel. The game itself is identical to the phone, but how you are seeing it isn’t. Also, multiple live casino games offer you the chance to chat with other players while you are in the game, which is much easier with a keyboard.

But, when it comes to spinners, some will prefer reducing the size of their screen. Some games are optimized enough to look awesome regardless of the size of the screen. But, the simple three-roll spinners do become even bigger than they are in real casinos if you stretch them to full screen.

Processing Power Needed?

While online gambling games are much less resource-intensive than even some modern mobile game apps, there are still some requirements to play without any lag or issue. Generally, if you have a device that can start a browser to watch a video, you can play an online casino game, but that does exclude some devices.

For phones, you will want to have at least Android 5.0 if you want to play without any glitches and lag. All phones that support this operating system have more than enough juice to launch and play the game. For iPhone users, this would equate to iOS 7.x, which is the iPhone 5 and above.

When it comes to desktop users, a graphics card is not needed if you have even a basic APU, but it will be easy to test if you can play them. If you can open three Chrome tabs and play YouTube on one of them and it doesn’t lag, the game will work perfectly. That is about 2Gb of RAM free and a regular dual-core processor from a decade ago.

Can You Game on Your TV?

Multiple smart TVs have the option to open a browser and play online gambling games. If your TV has the option to browse the web and open the page of the operator, it will probably be able to play all of the games you want.

Generally, smart TVs have been released after the phones we have discussed, so they often have both more RAM and operating power. You should be good.