Evewoman : My word: Life goes on

 Evewoman : My word: Life goes on
Mao Yin hugging his mother (Courtesy)

In a world that is swirling with constant news updates of things that are going wrong – from more cases of a dreaded disease to floods and other related and non-related crises to more job cuts and business closures – it’s easy to get lost in a cycle of negativity.

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Positive news has become so rare that, when reported, it almost seems surreal.

One story has stuck with me over the past few days is the story of a 34-year-old man who was recently reunited with his parents after being kidnapped in the late 80s when he was in kindergarten.

According to an article published on People.com, Mao Yin was traced by police with the help of facial recognition technology and a DNA test.

One thing that has refused to leave my memory is the photograph of him hugging his mother – and the fact that she received the news on Mother’s Day.

After reading this story, I found myself looking forward to reading more about this and was disappointed to find that that the only details beyond their reunion was that Yin had said that he would be moving to live closer to his parents.

And in my search for more information, I realized that the story had been picked up by most major news outlets. Of course! It is a story of hope, a story of resilience (his parents never stopped looking for him) and a story of love.

Sometimes, we just need to look at the positive side of things so we can draw energy from them and have enough to take us through the long journey ahead.

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From the sun shining gently on the leaves of a tree after a storm to the laughter of children playing happily inside their homes, you can draw strength from these signs that things will get better.

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