When my campus lecturer ruined my exam plans

 When my campus lecturer ruined my exam plans
Throughout the semester lessons in this unit sounded like a magician’s incantations (Shutterstock)

Last weekend was Mother’s Day and I wish to acknowledge two amazing women, one is my mother, Grace Aseri, the other is my fellow columnist Beryl Wanga Itindi. I read her pieces every weekend and I find them deep and informative. Meanwhile, allow me to reminisce.

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During my campus days, there was this unit in Psychology which wasn’t going down well with me. Throughout the semester, lessons in this unit sounded like a magician’s incantations.

I just could not figure out how Operant Conditioning by B.F Skinner was going to be helpful to me in my later life.

So I devised a plan with my college mate Eugene Were. This guy’s parents had invested a lot in his basic education so he always stood a step ahead of the rest of us when it came to units as tough as Psychology.

We agreed that he would help me out in the CATS and examination of that particular unit and, in return, I would put in a kind word for him with a girl he was chasing. This girl happened to be from my neighbourhood.

Most of the CATS went according to plan since they were majorly take away pieces, some of which were hastily done amid a drinking spree or even in the wee morning hours after a campus night episode. I even started toying with the idea of pursuing Psychology as a career in future.

But the real challenge came on examination day. I had since fulfilled my promise of connecting the two love birds so it was Eugene’s turn to bake his side of the cake. He had promised me that he had thoroughly revised the unit and was set for the exam.

I had, consequently, enjoyed moments of bliss as exams approached. No reading, endless movie sessions and uncountable visits to town. Reason? I had a direct ticket to success so why struggle?

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About 80 of us anxiously settled for the Psychology unit on an abnormally chilly morning. This was the final exam before calling it quits with the 8.4.4 system. The ecstasy of completing college was mixed with the anxiety of how this examination would turn out.

But the anxiety was soon neutralised by the presence of Eugene — he was sitting right next to me, wearing such a confident look, unlike the dozens of students busy perusing through their notes as last minute preparations gathered tempo.

A hoarse voice and clearing of a throat announced our lecturer’s arrival to administer the exam. He promptly stated he hoped we were all ready and announced there was to be a reshuffle of sitting arrangements before the exam kicked off.

I held my breath as our sadistic lecturer did an entire reshuffle. Eugene was moved to the front of the hall, metres away from where we had conveniently settled at the backbench.

I couldn’t believe my misfortune!

The exam kicked off and I spent most of the time fidgeting, biting my nails and leaving blank spaces. Whenever I tried to remember a concept, a favourite song would take that place in my mind.

Halfway through the exam, and to my dismay, I saw Eugene stretch his hands for an extra answer booklet since he had already filled the first one.

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Ladies and gentlemen, that is how I got my first and only retake in campus.


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